Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The New Shiny

It's better than the old shiny!

Bootstrappy is a scrappy, happy, and snappy new blog for, about, and by bootstrapped startups and the people who love them.

Bootstrapping: Creating something from nothing and doing it with little-to-no budget. (Or, if you prefer the long definition: Wikipedia.)

Main topics will include: People, places, tools, technologies, how-tos, reviews, sales, marketing, engineering, finance, events, case studies, war stories, strategies, tactics, hacks, statistics, and more.

We'll also have :
  1. A directory of bootstrapped startups.
  2. A directory of service providers and other resources.
  3. A founder / co-founder matchmaking service.
  4. A jobs board.
  5. What else, people? Comments, please :)
Now go forth and bootstrap!


PS: We need writers and guest writers.  Please get in touch ( if you'd like to contribute something new or submit an updated version of one of your previous blogs. Thanks :)


  1. Hey Chris, tnx for the shout-out and the link. Love the idea. Perhaps the bootstrappy profile could include a short blurb or interview with the creators?


  2. Great idea, Peter, thanks. I'm adding it now.

  3. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Don't hold your breath, Chris Unless some others decide to contribute, it's going move slowly (at best). Cheers, Chris

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  6. Hey there, Bootstrappy. I love this idea and hope to see it flourish! +1 on Technology tips. We bootstrap at, and I am looking for places where our community can share tips and help each other get on top of our game regarding working smarter with v. small teams. (My particular quest today is seeing if I can automate recording the fees we are charged from Google Checkout and PayPal.)

    Good luck, and I will spread the word!

  7. Hi Val, Thanks for the support (and nice emailing with you). We love your blog and story and look forward to getting to know your product, which looks to be a great tool for bootstrapping startups. Cheers, Chris

  8. PS: I've added Balsamiq to the list of bootstrapped startups: (1) here on our blog, and (2) on our Twitter list: